Combat Medic Gear

Most EOD Units aren't traveling with 18D's or Combat Medics but now you can travel with Combat Medic Gear!

If you're carrying a Primary and Secondary weapon, chances are you'll run across some bad guys that are also carrying.

It makes sense to have a Blow Out Kit that you can insert into your gear without getting in the way of the gear you use all of the time.  


Add the Rip Shears medical shears and you'll be able to cut through just about anything in seconds, including leather boots!

Rip Shears are actually a Multi-Tool with many EOD specific uses.


Navy EOD can use these as a safe way to conduct Neuro Exams in the boat.


So whether you're traveling with a Medic or not, having a SAMS Blow Out Kit and a set of Rip Shears in your kit, is a good idea.