Cyber Monday

Black Friday was the day of the year that "Retailers" could either make or break their year.  With the proliferation of the internet, an online shopping day was borne out of folks having to go back to work but still wanted to, needed to, keep shopping, Cyber Monday.

Times are changing and fewer are getting in their cars to ravage malls, Best Buy and Costco and are now on their smart phones and iPads swiping and clicking.  I'm grateful on many levels in that I started this business with an online presence and working out of my garage and now 2 physical locations supported by people like you.  Thank you!

I'm also grateful for the increased web sales as it has simultaneously reduced traffic jams close by.  I remember the first day of Spring Break each year while being an Instructor at the Dive School and thinking that was bad.  Not even close.

As Brick and Mortar locations go out of business due to their inability to develop an online strategy, others, like me were fortunate enough to do it backwards...or the new forwards.

A great case in point is Duluth Trading Company with their hilarious TV commercials and online-only presence have now opened brick and mortar locations. Supported by the internet and finding new ways to cover the "Last Mile" to your door step whether by FedEx or stopping in to pick it up.

As EOD Gear continues to grow out of our humble beginnings, we continue to look for ways to deliver a better, custom solution more quickly than anyone else in the tactical market.

My goal is to maintain the personal relationships with all we serve even if it's just one pouch or a flash light or larger contracts on our GSA schedule.

Many have said it's too difficult to do both "Direct to Consumer, D2C and large government contracts, B2G.  It is difficult.  But isn't that the point?  Since when has easy ever been the goal?

Please feel free to contact me any time.  I'd do anything to get off the computer or not drive in holiday shopping traffic to actually get a chance to get to know you.