Small Business Saturday Support

What is SDVOSB

Never a shortage for acronyms and SDVOSB stands for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

Approaching backwards is probably easier. The SB, Small Business, means we are a small business which can be measured by annual revenue and or the number of employees. We qualify on both fronts.

The VO is Veteran Owned, meaning the controlling interest of the company is owned and operated by a US military veteran. I am a former US Navy EOD Tech.

The SD is Service Disabled. I received a service-connected disability. Serving as Navy EOD was a great honor and accomplishment for me. It was fun most of the time intermingled with some times that were painful. Totally worth every second of it due to all of the great people I served with then and continue to serve today.

The pretty SDVOSB logo proves I could provide the stupid amount of paperwork the Veteran's Administration Certified Veteran Enterprise staff could throw at me. I believe they should build a giant Monument to Mediocrity out of hot, steamy dog crap and quit patting themselves on the back for the great job they're doing and telling people they are there for us Vets.

Why We Don't Want You to Buy From Us

Anyone that's been to either of our locations in Nashville or Huntsville can confirm that we always tell people we never want them to buy anything from us that they don't need. We do want all of your money but only if you're getting exactly what you want. We love working with Techs and others to create a unique solution to meet their needs. That's why we have the entire line of Build Your Own Kits and even IED's. We set up both locations for you to come in and custom create tool kits to your exact needs.

Huge Favor To Ask of You

Yes, we have some deals. They're listed below. We could really use your help in letting others other know about us.

It would mean the world to me and the entire EOD Gear Team if you could even let one friend know about us.

  • Someone you attended NAVSCOLEOD or HDS with
  • Your workout partner
  • That friend you can call any time day or night
  • Someone you know living in Nashville or Huntsville

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